"Determined, ironic, transgressive, to limit of the grotesque. And yet realistic, dramatic in the stroke and the intensity of his portraits. Melancholy, enough to arouse emotions. Thoughtful and original, also converge in his painting contemporary stylistic trends. In a word: fantastic! "

Ingrid Strain

July 2010


At the edge of the informal, Fernando Lavatelli painter in his chromaticism cuts and clear counterpoints, expresses a lyricism of great charm, which reveals in the space of the canvas the scenic and poetic universe in which the artist in a dynamic of complex shapes composes an original expressivity and of strong  emotional impact, inspiration of his effervescent artistic productivity through the use of
an overwhelming color in an emotional and involving painting that reveals cautious removals,   and an allusive suspension of the image towards symbolic abstraction.


Paola Sgarbazzini 

August 2010